‘Justified’ Season Premiere Promo Pics: Raylan And Champ Kind Are Headed To The Swamp

12.19.13 4 years ago 25 Comments


Here are the first promo pictures from the season premiere of Justified‘s upcoming fifth season. They are notable for a few reasons, which I will now tick off in bullet points:

  • They give us our first glimpse of Michael Rapaport as Daryl Crowe, Jr., the sleeveless-button-up-wearing, gator-farm-owning head of the Florida branch of the Crowe family.
  • They give us our first glimpse of Alicia Witt as Wendy Crowe, the family’s legal counsel, who is actually a paralegal instead of a lawyer, because a crime family using a paralegal family member as their legal representation is just about as Florida as it gets.
  • Hey, that’s David Koechner! What do you think he and Raylan are talking about in that picture up there? I bet he’s telling Raylan they should get an apartment together when whatever they’re up to gets sorted out. This is a reference to a movie titled Anchorman, in which David Koechner plays a sportscaster named Champ Kind. You are welcome for the explanation.
  • Raylan Givens Swamp Attire: jeans, cowboy boots, plaid shirt, skinny tie, cowboy hat.
  • No Boyd Crowder, which, NO.
  • The episode is titled “A Murder of Crowes,” which, YES.

January 7. Tick… tick… tick…








(Via Screencrush, photos via FX)

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