Larry King Now Works For The Kremlin, Is Utterly Baffled And Confused

05.29.13 9 Comments

You guys remember the suspenders-wearing Komodo dragon named Larry King that CNN used to roll out each weeknight to lob softball questions at guests, right? Well, these days King spends his time, in addition to regularly dropping mundane Larry King-isms on Twitter, hosting a barely-watched web show and — I sh*t you not — will soon host a show on Russia’s Kremlin-supported network.

Previously, of course, the reptilian horndog hosted his aforementioned CNN show, Larry King Live, for something like 25 years, and, as anyone who watched the show occasionally can attest, considerable bits of airtime were often devoted to whatever the murder trial of the day was. Hell, back during the OJ trial, King’s show consisted basically of nothing but wall-to-wall OJ trial coverage. So you’d think Larry King would have some insight into how the media operates, right? Well, think again…

And naturally, I just had to troll him…

I suppose it’s not that surprising that King might not know anything about how TV programming decisions are actually made. This is, after all, a guy who has repeatedly boasted about doing zero research for his shows, something Jerry Seinfeld hilariously blasted him on air for in 2007…

Then again, it could just be because he’s older than electricity. On the bright side, at least working for the Kremlin will leave King with little doubt over how murder trial coverage in Russia is determined — which is whatever murder trial Putin wants covered, basically.

(Larry King Photoshop via Ufford)

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