What We Learned From This Week’s Kersplatty Episode Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

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As Danger might say about this episode, ‘Whoo boy!’ So they took away the fun from the last two episodes of Sons of Anarchy, which was a little disappointing, but they did manage to replace it with violence by featuring two of the series’ more violent scenes. That’s saying a lot considering this is the show 1) where a character had his head bashed in with a lead pipe, 2) another character had his back tattoo BURNED OFF, 3) a character bit off his own tongue, 4) and another character was BURNED ALIVE. I dont’ know where gang member splatty-splats against a car windshield ranks among the series’ most violent scenes, but it has to be way up there.

Let’s get right into the episode’s entrails.

The D.A. Plays Dirty Pool — CCH Pounder’s D.A. Patterson has become a compelling character in the absence of Lee Toric. I like the way she slithers her every word; it always feels like she’s on the cusp of slipping a verbal knife into Nero’s jugular. She played dirty this week by leaking a story to the media that would endanger Nero’s gang, as well as Robocop’s Stockton escort biz (where did Kim Dickens go, anyway? She, C. Thomas Howell, and Steve Howey have all had very unceremonious exits), all in an effort to apply pressure to Nero so he would rat out SAMCRO and connect the school shooting to the M.C.’s gun-running business. Nero is a clever boy, though. Instead of ratting out Jax and the Gang, he made a deal to get his son put in a fine learning institution, and then ratted himself out. I think I might have seen snakes come out of the District Attorney’s hair when he dropped that bomb. I’m pretty sure she bit off a tiny bit of Nero’s soul with that stare.

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The Dirty Biker Whore with the Record — Gemma managed to maintain her cool after she was arrested for allegedly kicking Tara in the stomach and causing a miscarriage. Eli, however, wasn’t buying Tara’s story, and after a talk with Unser, Eli kicked Gemma loose. Eli has been great this season, bringing back that dynamic between SAMCRO and the Charming police that Unser once had. “Tellers, the MC, they’re so deeply woven into the fabric of this town,” Unser said to Eli. “On some level, you know, if you rip them out, Charming unravels.”

Unser managed to be the voice of reason with Gemma, too, explaining to her that there was still a path available to her to get her family back, though it would take some patience. Gemma, I think, opted against that path. She’s got it in for Tara, and Tara’s story is already unraveling. No one seems to believe her at this point except for Jax.

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I’ll Make Sure Jax Doesn’t Kill You — Wendy is stuck between Gemma and a hard place. Gemma knows that Wendy knows, and Wendy knows that Gemma knows, and the only thing keeping Gemma from ripping out Wendy’s heart and going to town on it like Daenerys on a horse heart is the fact that Wendy might be able to help her. “Might” is the operative word, because Wendy couldn’t deal with the pressure, and gets back on the smack train like the useless character she is. I’m sure she just nodded off here, but I like to think that she OD’d. She obviously couldn’t take Jax’s boys, not just because she’s back on the junk but because — living will or not — no piece of paper is going to keep Jax from straight-up murdering her (if she’s not already dead).

Also: Worst. Fanservice. Ever.

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