Let’s Play A Game: What Does Nick Cannon’s New Hairstyle Look The Most Like?

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04.09.14 41 Comments


NBC/Universal's 2014 Summer Press Day - Arrivals

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Nick Cannon attended NBCUniversal’s 2014 Summer Press Day yesterday, sporting a “zany” new hairstyle … Again! Because he’s a wild and crazy guy! So the real question is, what does Nick Cannon’s new hairstyle make him look the most like:

A) The Bride of Frankenstein

B) Pepe Le Pew

C) The Cat That Gets Accidentally Painted To Look Like A Skunk In Pepe Le Pew Cartoons

D) A Magic Eight-Ball

E) Freakazoid

F) A Whitewall Tire

G) The Side of a Highway

It was actually a trick question — the answer is none of the above, because Nick Cannon’s new hairstyle actually makes him look most like a butthole. The correct answer would have been “a butthole.”

In other Nick Cannon news, he’s still trying to milk this “Nick Cannon is racist” whiteface controversy for all it’s worth, so a few days ago he posted the following YouTube clip appropriately titled, “I’M RACIST,” with a description that reads: “complete with a few things EVERYONE thinks but is too afraid to say!”

I reached my breaking point around 30 seconds in, when he makes the “wok my dog” joke, so perhaps you all will have better luck than I did.

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