Local News Report On the Florida Face-Eating Zombie (and the Morning Links)

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So, that happened. Was he mentioned as many times at your BBBQ as he was mine? What’s that extra “B” for? BRAINSSSSSS. All those “s”‘s are a typo.

Here Are 25 Amazing GIFified Album Covers For Your Viewing Pleasure — I’ve said for years that the only thing wrong with the Smiths’ self-titled debut was that it didn’t have Morrissey licking the nipple of the guy on the album cover. PROBLEM SOLVED. (Uproxx)

REVIEW: Hey! I saw Men in Black 3! It wasn’t that bad! — According to a friend who saw the movie, Agent K has a picture of Frank the Pug above his bed. Truth? (Film Drunk)

8 Points To Watch In The Thunder Vs. Spurs Series — Spurs vs. Heat in the finals, with Manu Ginobili & Co. crushing D-Wade to win it all. (Smoking Section)

This Is Glorious: Our Favorite Voice Actors Do A Comical Table Read Of Star Wars — Bender would be a perfect Stormtropper. A perfect drunk, crooked, human-hating Stormtrooper. (Gamma Squad)

UFC 146: Dos Santos Vs. Mir Live Blog And Open Discussion Thread — With special guests Vince Mancini and Dan “Danny Boy” Downes. (With Leather)

Hear The National’s Tyrion-Approved Song From the ‘Game of Thrones’ Soundtrack — (Uproxx)

“Scrubs,” Reunited…On A Boat — (BuzzFeed)

Taco Bell’s Ridiculous New Breakfast “Cocktail” — (Huffington Post)

10 logical reasons Superman’s a dick — (Fark)

30 Tips About the Horrors of Raising a Baby That You Will Never Learn from Movies and TV — (Pajiba)

The Scandalous History of Arlington National Cemetery — (Mental Floss)

America’s longtime love of roller coasters: A visual history — (The Week)

How to deal with those f*ckin’ piece of sh*t mosquitoes and their sh*tty f*ckin’ bites — (Death + Taxes)

THD x W.Steele: All Hands On Deck — (The High Definite)

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