Learn Luke Cage’s Origin In A New Featurette

By: 09.20.16

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Luke Cage is starting to look like it could go toe-to-toe to with Netflix’s other Marvel series, if not best them. We’ve already seen Luke hand out a beating or two and learned that Cottonmouth, his adversary, is not someone to be trifled with. But how’d we get here? That’s what this new featurette explains.

One of the nice touches is that it’s full of little nods to Cage’s comic book past, not just in the broad strokes with Cottonmouth being a gun-runner who controls Harlem, but in the little bits, like star Mike Colter sporting Cage’s original haircut from the ’70s comics in the prison flashbacks. If you pay attention to other clips, by the way, he even has the tiara at one point. Hey, you have to stick with the classics.

The most interesting detail, though, is that Luke never appears to be running around in a mask or hiding his identity. The tension between Luke’s desire to just be left alone and his need to help other people looks like it will be a key point throughout the series. That holds quite a bit of promise, not least because Cage, in other clips, goes very, extremely public with his identity. We’ll see just how that works out for him next Friday, September 30.

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