Oh, Paz De La Huerta, What Happened? (And The Morning Links)

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05.23.13 13 Comments

I never want to stop looking at that post-Boardwalk face, with that post-Boardwalk expression. See what I’m talking about here.

Bill Murray Knows How To Respond To Crying Babies — (UPROXX)

Mitch Hurwitz Doesn’t Want You To Binge-Watch Arrested Development — (WG)

What’s The Deal With The Fast & Furious Movies: An Explainer — (Film Drunk)

Dear Lord, Let’s Watch The Memphis Grizzlies Miss 7 Lay-Ups In A Row — (With Leather)

This Four-Year-Old Girl Is The Cutest Marvel Comics Expert — (Gamma Squad)

This Is How The Top 5 Picks In The 2013 NBA Draft Should Go — (Smoking Section)

NFL Analyst Power Rankings (Official) #5- Pete Prisco — (KSK)

10 Movies That Would’ve Been Even Better If They’d Starred Anna Kendrick — (Pajiba)

38 Wonderful Words With No English Equivalent — (Mental Floss)

Veep Season 2 and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Legacy of Likable Unlikability — (Grantland)

10 Brutally Honest Coffee Mugs — (College Humor)

Great Musicians on the Concerts That Inspired Them to Make Music — (Flavorwire)

Physicist checked math of Fast Five’s bank vault car chase, arrived at buzzkill conclusion — (AV Club)

Conan Responds To Taylor Swift’s ’22’, Explains What It’s ACTUALLY Like… For Everyone — (HuffPo)

15 Celebrities Who Look Like Cartoon Characters — (Giant Life)

Zombie Feast Drive-Thru Prank — (Clip Nation)

Street Fighter Leggings Raise an Important Issue — (Unreality Mag)

Bro Uses Lines from ‘Fight Club’ To Pick Up Hot College Chicks — (Bro Bible)

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