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Olivia Wilde, the “House” actress who was named Maxim’s Hottest Woman on the Planet (Megan Fox called her so sexy that it made her “want to strangle a mountain ox”), is featured in the new issue of GQ, and she looks absolutely spectacular. And while I tend to prefer women with a few more curves, she comes off as so annoyingly cool and unpretentious in the accompanying article that I’ve now decided that I like skinny girls better. Some of the things I learned:

  • She reads Tom Robbins. **fans self**
  • She grew up the privileged child of big-time journalists in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. And yet I somehow didn’t hate her for that.
  • She is married to an Italian prince who plays flamenco guitar, because of course she is.
  • Inspired by Oscar Wilde, she changed her last name to “Wilde” when she moved to Hollywood… because her real last name is Cockburn.

COCKBURN. Olivia Cockburn. Try not to get a case of that after looking at the pictures, okay?

(images: Peggt Sirota/GQ; BONUS SEXY VIDEO below)

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