The 'Most Perfect Celebrity' According To Perverts Is Terrifying Looking

10.03.13 3 years ago • 31 Comments

Jennifer Aniston is not unattractive. Neither is Kate Middleton or Sofia Vergara or Zooey Deschanel. But those four, combined with Gwen Stefani and Scarlett Johansson’s features make for a Frankenstein’s Monster that deserves to be put out of its misery right now. Hollyscoop recently polled their readers and editors for the annual “Hollywood’s Hottest Babes” list — ScarJo, nose; Jennifer Love Hewitt, boobs; Megan Fox, eyebrows — and then combined all their features as if they belonged to a single woman, and by woman, I mean, New Jersey transvestite.

perfect celebrity

Legs: Jennifer Aniston

Boobs: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Abs: Gwen Stefani

Curves: Sofia Vergara

Arms: Jennifer Aniston

Hair: Sofia Vergara

Eyes: Zooey Deschanel

Smile: Kate Middleton

Eyebrows: Megan Fox

Jawline: Victoria Beckham

Nose: Scarlett Johansson

It wasn’t until I gazed at Satan him/herself that I noticed Zooey and Nic Cage have the same dead eyes.

(via Getty Image) (Via HollyScoop)

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