Pete Holmes Polls Cosplayers About Being Horny At New York Comic-Con

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11.12.13 9 Comments

The Pete Holmes Show Visits New York Comic-Con

On last night’s The Pete Holmes Show (on TBS after Conan), our favorite Batman impersonator and X-Men redundancy consultant shared a video from his visit to New York Comic-Con. He missed the opportunity to dress as Batman, but at least he did remember to ask several cosplayers to rate how horny they are on a scale of 1 to 10. Those are the kind of user engagement metrics you need to survive in today’s fast-paced economy.

Pete Holmes has also carried over one of the bits from his free podcast. The bit’s called “All The Games”, and it’s a convenient framework for making video game puns. Now, with the TV show, they can add a visual element to the puns with creepy photoshops about LEGO Human Centipedes and OB/GYN Mario.

The second segment of All The Games aired last night, and we’ve included the first one as well. We can’t wait to play Duck Hunt: Shootable Dog; tagline: “Play dead, you snickering f–k”. Finally, Nintendo read our letters!

(Pete Holmes)

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