Prince Will Perform Two Songs On ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ This Friday

02.25.13 7 Comments

Hopefully all of you have a reliable DVR and/or no social life, because yesterday the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Prince will be performing two songs on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this Friday. This is notable for two main reasons: 1) It means there’s a chance Prince will perform with The Roots and you’ll be able to see it happen for free (although I suppose we can’t rule out the possibility that Prince will fly in his own band full of statuesque beauty queens dressed in futuristic space garb), and 2) It also means the Prince Wardrobe Threat Level has been officially elevated to ALL NEON EVERYTHING.

I mean, after all, we’re talking about a man who wore bright yellow pants (and shoes) on broadcast television at 11 a.m., and presented the Grammy for Record of the Year in a hoodie and what appeared to be a tank top made out of metal. Put him on television after midnight and he very well may roll on stage in a skin-tight purple scuba suit with matching rollerblades. Prince is the greatest.

No disrespect to Maya Rudolph, who did an admirable job back in September, but if he performs “Darling Nikki” I think it’s safe to assume all of the show’s viewers, male and female, will end up pregnant.

(Via TV Guide)

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