The Reese Witherspoon Arrest Video Is Everything You’d Hope It Would Be

05.03.13 39 Comments

This, via TMZ, is absolutely everything you would hope it would be. A belligerent, pompous movie star mouthing off to a backwoods-sounding police officer, resulting in her being put in cuffs. You couldn’t script this any better if you tried. The highlight, without question, was this exchange…

Reese: “Do you know my name sir?”
Officer: “Don’t need to know.”
Reese “You don’t NEED to know my name?”
Officer: “Not quite yet.”


As an added bonus, UPROXX contributor Stacy Lambe took bits of the transcript of the arrest video and made a Social Media-esque poster with it.

This is America, DAMMIT!

Also, Reese, just FYI, your husband telling the cop “I’m sorry…I had nothing to do with that” after he tossed you in the back of the squad car, well, that’s what’s called a red flag, darling.

(Via TMZ)

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