Watch ‘Rick And Morty’ Treasure Justin Roiland Knock Back Shots To Become ‘Drunk Rick’

05.06.17 3 months ago

How many shots does it take for Rick and Morty treasure Justin Roiland to transform into “drunk Rick?” Series co-creator Dan Harmon brings us some answers courtesy of a boozy burpy video.

In a bid to method act (not in the unpleasant Jared Leto condom way) playing an even drunker version of Rick (if that’s possible) on a future episode of Rick and Morty, Roiland attempts to get into character by guzzling a number of shots. As the recording progresses, there’s a bit of disagreement on whether or not this sh*tfaced Morty still sounds sober. As you might suspect, it’s the drinking party making that complaint.

“Can you try to read this one on-script?” asks associate producer Sydney Ryan as things get increasingly sloshed.

“Man, f*ck you!” Roiland responds with a cheery tone.

Billed as the “least productive” and “messiest record day in the history of the show, this silly exercise may have been difficult to deal with as a co-worker, but it’s loads of fun to watch.. Fair warning, there’s not much Morty dialogue. It’s more drunken rants about death and “the next prezzo.” It’s a fun slice of video and something to gawk at while binge eating McDonald’s Szechuan dipping sauce.

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