Scott Aukerman Traded Places With Seth Meyers On ‘Late Night’

aukerman meyers


Comedy Bang Bang just celebrated its 300th episode, but that’s not why Scott Aukerman was on Late Night with Seth Meyers — in fact, “podcast” might be one of the new Seven Words, along with “vlog” and “hashtag.” No, the Choctaw was there to trade places with Meyers (he’s a talk show host, too) and discuss what it was like to work with Barack Obama for Between Two Ferns, or “Two Ferns,” in Obama-speak.

It’s now the most viewed installment of the Funny or Die series, besting the 19 million views the Justin Bieber clip got. This is a relief to Aukerman, who proudly confirmed, “President Obama is more popular than Justin Bieber.” OK, but can he get him some t-shirts and college girls???

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