Watch Stephen Colbert Crush Pitchfork For Calling The Daft Punk No-Show An Elaborate Publicity Stunt

08.08.13 4 years ago 30 Comments


Stephen Colbert’s “Daft Punk’d” spectacular took the internet by storm yesterday thanks to a glorious montage of celebrities dancing to “Get Lucky” and his ballsy takedown of The Colbert Report’s MTV/Viacom overlords after they unceremoniously pulled the plug on his original Song of Summer event. It was truly the evening embodiment of why Colbert is the greatest.

But not everyone bought the premise. Nope. The not-born-yesterday moon landing conspiracy theorists over at Pitchfork had this to theorize:

“This could mean that Thicke’s performance was part of an elaborate ruse and that the band never intended to perform on ‘The Colbert Report’ in the first place. Perhaps it was a cross-promotional method of advertising Daft Punk’s appearance on the VMAs. It could also mean that Thicke was taped as a safeguard in case the band fell through.”

Predictably this accusation made it on Colbert’s radar and he felt like he needed to confront the idea of an elaborate cross-promotional ploy head-on in his intro last night, which means he owned up to the conspiracy in the most sarcastic way possible after first congratulating himself for epic high kicks…

I don’t know who he loathes more — MTV for the position they put him in or Pitchfork for suggesting he’d go in the tank for the VMAs — but oh man is this whole thing just the greatest turn of events ever. If you guys need me I’ll be setting my DVR for “Hysterectomy Horrors with Lou Diamond Philips.”

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