This Supercut Of Larry David’s Best ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Insults Is Your Guide To Being A Social Assassin

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01.24.14 15 Comments

It’s been 28 months since the most recent (and arguably best, and hopefully not last) season of Curb Your Enthusiasm closed with Larry David going toe-to-toe with Michael J. Fox. And while HBO remains “cautiously optimistic” that the show will someday return for a ninth season, that doesn’t do much to satisfy our thirst for Larry David insulting the hell out of everyone he crosses paths with.

Luckily, the above retrospective — a supercut of Larry’s finest insults from the show’s first eight seasons — is here to help. Watch as the social assassin drops fantastically insensitive bombs on everyone from doctors to family members to small children. (PG-13 language, obviously.)


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