The Meryl-Go-Round Might Be The Most Sh*tballs Crazy ‘Billy On The Street’ Game Yet

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05.02.14 4 Comments


Before I knew Billy Eichner existed, if you told me someone fashioned a seven-and-a-half minute Meryl Streep-based relay race and obstacle course complete with contestants dressed up as Meryl Streep characters, an Oscar baton, a mannequin dressed like a Nazi, a woman making out with a cardboard cutout of Clint Eastwood, catching a Anne Hathaway impersonator with a butterfly net, and finally, a lightning round on an insane carnival ride called the “Meryl-Go-Round” — I might think you were crazy.

Thankfully, ever since Billy on the Street came frenetically screaming into our lives, this game exists and it’s called “The Meryl-Go-Round” which is pretty much business as usual.

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