One ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Member’s Name Was Removed From This Week’s Opening Credits

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11.02.15 10 Comments

Spoilers Ahead

If you’re like me, you tuned in to this week’s episode of The Walking Dead with baited breath, hoping to learn whether Glenn survived his dumpster dive from the previous episode. Instead, The Walking Dead treated us to a 90-minute backstory episode about Morgan — not usually something that would cause rage-induced clots in fans, but this week…

I wonder if this is going to be the same kinda thing as the zombie herd finally hitting Alexandria. We keep thinking it’s about to happen in the next episode, but then it doesn’t. And doesn’t. And doesn’t. On the plus side, what has been happening instead is A+++ television. Congrats to AMC and the showrunners for making this season more about actions/consequences and less about characters talking about their feelings. But still, what happened to Glenn!?!?

This doesn’t settle things one way or the other, but some eagle-eyed folks noticed a small change in the opening credits for the show. Here’s how things looked up to episode three of season six:



And now for episode four:



Oh snapple. Steven Yeun’s name got taken out of the credits! Is this more proof Glenn really was zombie fodder at the end of episode three? Or is this just more trolling on the part of The Walking Dead staff? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week for our answers… unless we’re going to get another 90-minute flashback episode of Enid eating more turtles or Nicholas being a cowardly jackass. (via The AV Club)

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