‘The Walking Dead’ Has A Season 4B Poster And Four New Teasers

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The second half of the fourth season of The Walking Dead — “Season 4B” if you are a hip industry insider and/or someone who needs to save a little space in a headline — doesn’t debut until February 9th, but AMC has already started rolling out the hype machine with the release of a new poster. As you can see, Rick and Carl are standing on train tracks. Here ends my analysis of the poster.

Also, below, please find the four teaser clips that started airing on AMC over the holidays. Actually, let me rephrase: Please kind of find the four teaser clips that started airing on AMC over the holidays, as they have not yet been released online in sparkling high-definition, and instead were apparently recorded off the television with the camera in a pink Motorola Razr that had just been dropped in Vaseline. Good Lord. For a second I actually thought Daryl might be running off with Naomi Watts in the fourth one. God bless whoever made them for the effort, if nothing else, but, like, put your elbows on a table next time, fella. It’s 2014 now. We have standards.

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