Weekend Preview: Remembering 9/11

09.09.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

9/11: Ten Years Later (CBS, Sunday) — The award-winning documentary 9/11, which followed an FDNY fire company throughout 2001, is updated with new interviews and footage. Hosted by Robert DeNiro.

The Love We Make (Showtime, Sunday) — This was one of the six sickeningly exploitative 9/11 specials that Josh highlighted last week. I do believe I’ll take a pass on this one.

Portraits from Ground Zero (A&E, Saturday) — This special shares the images taken at Ground Zero by photographer/filmmaker Andrea Booher, who had unparalleled access to the site of the tragedy in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

Entourage (HBO, Sunday) — Series finale. Good riddance. I don’t particularly care which douchey song concludes the series as long as it’s over forever and never comes back to us in movie form. (Preceded by season finales for True Blood and Curb Your Enthusiasm.)

The X Factor (Fox, Sunday) — Fox is offering an 8-minute sneak preview after its NFL doubleheader.

Torchwood: Miracle Day (Starz, Friday) — Season finale. Captain Jack and the Torchwood crew save Earth (probably).

Sunday Night Football: Cowboys at Jets (NBC) — I’ll be watching this instead of 9/11 specials. Five years ago, I wrote about my 9/11 experience and mused about the connection between the NFL and America’s psyche, particularly as we relate to the rest of the world. Not the best thing I’ve ever written, but it reminds me that moving on and doing my work is just as important as hanging my head in quiet remembrance.

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