What's On Tonight: FINALLY, A Game Show About The Bible Hosted By Jeff Foxworthy

08.23.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

American Bible Challenge (Game Show Network, 8 p.m.) — Come for the big-ass Bibles, stay for the big-ass Bibles. Catholic Online calls it “fun and inspiring,” which is the same review they gave Encino Man, so you know they have spectacular taste.

Suits (USA, 10 p.m.) — Finale. It’s the final episode of the summer, so you’ll have to wait awhile before telling people, “No, no, Suits is actually REALLY good” again.

Wilfred (FX, 10 p.m.) — Ryan and Wilfred make a movie together. I hope it’s an Encino Man sequel.

Louie (FX, 10:30 p.m.) — “Louie seeks a lost love and also his daughter.” That is the most Louie description ever. OH MY GOD HE’S LOOKING FOR A WOMAN TO SLEEP WITH HIM and oh yeah his daughter is missing. Future Portlandia star Chloë Sevigny’s in the episode, too, which OK. I look forward to yet another night wasted internally debating whether I find her attractive.

Childrens Hospital/NTSF:SD:SUV:: (Adult Swim, 12 a.m.) — They should really just combine these two shows, and call the resulting super-series Bloody Explosion.

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Kathy Griffin and Michael Somerville on Letterman; Kirsten Dunst and the Smashing Pumpkins on Leno; Kyra Sedgwick on Kimmel; and Spike Lee, Mike Birbiglia, and Michael Anthony on Fallon.

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