03.30.09 8 years ago 7 Comments

House, M.D. (Fox) –Mos Def guest-stars as a bicycle accident victim who suffers from locked-in syndrome (same condition as in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), and I guess this is a special episode because a lot of it is told from the patient’s perspective, or something.

Chuck (NBC) — Tricia Helfer joins the cast as a sexy blonde secret agent who evaluates the other sexy blonde secret agent.  So be careful if you ever meet a sexy blonde, because she’s probably a secret agent.

24 (Fox) — “The FBI collaborates with other agencies as theories linking Starkwood and Sangala begin to emerge and thousands of lives are placed in jeopardy.”  Only thousands of lives?  This show’s really dropped off.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) — Nerds have trouble interacting with attractive people.

For the Love of Ray J (VH1) — Sometimes I hate VH1.

Gossip Girl (CW) — Serena (Blake Lively) throws a Sweet 16 party for Jailbait Jenny (Taylor Momsen).  They’re both sexy blondes, so they’ve got future careers as secret agents in common.

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