‘The Wire’ Parodied Using LEGO? All In The Game, Yo

Continuing the Internet’s fascination with recreating television shows out of LEGO and all things related to The Wire, the Yahoo! sketch series “SketchY” has put together a parody of the acclaimed HBO drama using the popular toy building blocks. Over the course of about four minutes, the video manages to touch on almost all the major characters, many of the show’s most famous scenes (although making it safe for work prevented them from doing much of anything with one of my favorites, the “F-ck’ investigation scene with Bunk and McNulty), and even gets in some gags about the post-Wire careers of some of the actors.

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I originally wanted to dislike this video. “Oh, great,” I thought, like total jackass, “an Internet creation featuring The Wire and things made out of LEGO. How shockingly original.” But then I sat down and watched the whole thing, and you know what? It’s actually pretty cool. A few of the jokes are a little cutesy for my taste, but there’s something about LEGO characters shooting each other with shotguns and passing out drunk that is undeniably fun. Also, they cut in LEGO Clay Davis drawing out one of his extended “Sheeeeeeeeeeee-its” between a lot of the clips, and I can always use more of that in my life.

So, yeah. Let’s stamp this one with a big ol’ “Approved.”

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