Ace Hood – Starvation 3 Mixtape

01.17.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

ace hood starvation 3

I was supposed to do a review on Trials & Tribulations, but I kept putting it for no real reason. As the retail release following Ace’s Starvation 2, the album was much better than I expected since up to that point I’d done my best to avoid listening to him. Then again, expectations weren’t that high for me since I only knew Ace via his singles and the work that he did within the usual We The Best/MMG/Young Money tradeoff of talent features.

Ace’s skilled without a doubt. His ear for beats is virtually spotless and he’s able to convey in words whatever’s on his brain. The part where he fell short for me was in the image area. Given the company he keeps, the Florida rapper was stuck between living out lavish/outlandish dreams in his rhymes and reciting raps that showed a level of honesty and introspection. Kind of like a church-going kid, reared with a strong foundation by his parents but prone to sneak out and do knucklehead stuff that might be considered out of character. Not all the way good, but never bad enough to be considered bad.

One characteristic present no matter the role he chose was the hunger. The Starvation aspect of his person. Walking away from my first real listen to him, that’s one of the positives I figured out about Ace. So here we are with Starvation 3, 14 new tracks which is enough for the average MC’s album. It’s act two for me so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be paying attention for which version of Ace makes the most appearances.

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