Rihanna Ft. Chris Brown – “Nobody’s Business”

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11.15.12 22 Comments

As a trait, honesty came inherited to me from my paternal grandfather. He was the neighborhood sage who was notoriously tough, but helpful and many people came to for assistance and advice. Once, in my early twenties, I decided to be one of those who came to him seeking wisdom.

When he was in his early 80s, his health was ailing and he ended up in the hospital for about a week. Physically, he was going downhill but the lights were still on mentally. Dim albeit, but still on. Going to visit him one day, I decided to take a lady friend I was dating at the time. I think I was kind of serious about the relationship, but only as serious as one can be when they’re just barely old enough to order liquor at Applebee’s. Still, as one of my heroes (my dad being the other), getting my granddad’s approval meant a whole lot to me if this chick was going to be “the one.”

After about an hour of shooting the shit, sharing some laughs and checking-in, it was time for us to go so I sent chick out of the room so I could talk to my OG and get his thoughts. I stepped closer to his bed and the convo went like this:

Me: So what you think about her OG?
Him: I don’t give a shit. I ain’t the one that’s gotta sleep with her every night.

And that was that.

Here’s the new Rihanna song featuring Chris Brown titled “Nobody’s Business,” set to be included on Rihanna’s Unapologetic album.

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