T-Pain’s “Drankin’ Patna” Is Summer-Approved

05.13.14 3 years ago 11 Comments


The bad news about having a drinking partner is the still very important need of securing a designated driver (unless public transportation is an option). The good news about having a drinking partner is getting drunk by yourself is never fun in 95% of situations.*

Per the good folks over at (Free)OnSmash, T-Pain is touting his new cut, “Drankin’ Patna,” as the sequel to his 2007 crossover smash hit “Buy U A Drank.” The reality is this.

Pain still making music in 2014 warms my heart because of his well-documented role during my college years. “Drankin'” even stands as a legit summer single and one serving as carefree background music pre-gaming with friends or at the bar. The song gets better as it progresses, much like drinking.

Yet, Teddy Pain’s better off allowing this live on its own merits. Comparing it to arguably his catalog’s best song and by far one of the most recognizable records of the 2000s is doing himself a disservice more than help build anticipation. He’s already a victim of his own success in ways. No need to help the critics pile on ammunition.

“Drankin’ Patna” is dope enough to live on its own anyway.

* – The other five percent resonates when you’re at home on the eve of an extremely critical game and the only thing you want to do is be left alone in your thoughts and red Solo cup.

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