Alex Jones Has Been Sued By A Man Who Was Falsely Blamed For The Parkland Shooting By Infowars


One would think that Alex Jones and Infowars would grow tired of habitually fueling conspiracy theories about mass shootings, long after those hurtful “false flag” accusations against grieving Sandy Hook parents, who Jones claimed were actors trying to kill the Second Amendment. Yet Jones continued his charade with the Las Vegas shooting, and he also accused Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg of being a “crisis actor.” That last attention grab is still playing out, and in the meantime, Jones has been sued by a man who was falsely accused by the Infowars website of being the Parkland school gunman.

The Huffington Post reveals that how a 24-year-old Boston man (who’s never set foot in Florida), Marcel Fontaine, sued Jones and Infowars along with reporter Kit Daniels, for defamation in a federal court in Texas. Daniels had penned a post that included Fontaine’s photo while labeling him a “commie” and erroneously identifying him as the shooter:

“Another alleged photo of the suspect shows communist garb,” read part of the article, later removed from the website, that showed a photo of Fontaine wearing a popular shirt from 2005 depicting communist leaders partying.

The story’s headline, featured on Infowars’ front page, changed numerous times, at one point reading, “Reported Florida Shooter Dressed as Communist, Supported ISIS,” according to the lawsuit, which Bankston provided to HuffPost.

Fontaine says that he became the target of harassment and threats from InfoWars readers, and he believes that his life “remains in genuine peril,” according to the Daily Beast’s citing of the lawsuit, due to the “lie told round the world.” His attorneys further maintain that even though Nikolas Cruz was identified by authorities and confessed to the massacre, Fontaine continues to receive threats due to Infowars encouraging its audience not to believe mainstream media reports on any subject.

Fontaine is seeking a jury trial and at least $1 million in damages, which means that we may see another somber Jones apology hit the Internet airwaves soon.

(Via Huffington Post & Daily Beast)