Bill O’Reilly Debuts His Brand New Online Show, And It’s Really Something

Nearly four months after he was fired from Fox News (albeit not without a “staggering” golden parachute), Bill O’Reilly surpassed his podcast game with the first episode of his brand new online show, No Spin News. The 30-minute premiere aired for premium subscribers only on Wednesday night, though the host made the full episode available to everyone via his website on Thursday. “How about that? Pretty spiffy,” he said following the opening title card. “I’m all dressed up. I don’t like it, but I look okay, right?”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, who also sat through O’Reilly’s first online show, the broadcast felt an awful lot like a “standard O’Reilly program.” After some minor housekeeping at the beginning, the host ran through several big bullet points regarding the day’s top stories — in this case, the growing tensions between North Korea and the United States, and the FBI’s July raid of Paul Manafort’s home. He also brought a guest on — radio and CNN show host Michael Smerconish — to discuss these topics and more. Yet the real treat of watching the alleged sex offender‘s new show was seeing the blustery ex-Fox News personality cope with low production values.

“The is a new prototype studio. We’re giving you a look, an advanced look, a sneak preview,” he told his premium subscribers. “We want your input. How does it look? Do you like it? We’re going to have a couple of guests on Skype. Three hours ago I didn’t even know what Skype was, but now I know.” Skype foreknowledge not withstanding, watching the No Spin News felt like being back in high school, waiting for the last bell to ring while the school’s audio-visual club broadcast their news show during the day’s final minutes.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter & Bill O’Reilly)