Chris Christie Defends Donald Trump’s Brazen Attacks On The Media: ‘He Likes A Fight’

After a week of wild Trump outbursts, Chris Christie finished digesting the meatloaf that Trump forced him to eat and trotted out to defend his pal to the Sunday news shows. CNN’s Jake Tapper preceded State of the Union by tweet-broadcasting that the network invited the White House to send an official guest to put a bow on events, but the administration declined because Trump is still blocking CNN until his latest tantrum subsides. So … Christie.

The New Jersey governor attempted to put a no-nonsense spin on this week’s controversies, as these clips reveal. In the above clip, he admits that Trump won’t stop railing against the media because he “it energizes him … he likes a fight,” no matter what the subject happens to be. Essentially, while Trump will avoid Nerd Prom this year, we can expect him to complain about the press for his entire presidency. Of course, this isn’t Trump taking a stand against anything. He simply cannot handle critical coverage, and his need to fight will prevent him from focusing upon his actual presidential duties.

A bit later, Christie defended the White House’s attempts to sway the FBI on the Russia thing as a mere “learning curve.” Christie reasons that these are people with no government experience, so folks should expect them to mess up for awhile. This won’t exactly instill confidence with Trump opponents, but stressing “the outsider” aspect of Trump will appeal to his voter base, who will eat this up. And in this clip, Christie argues against a special prosecutor on the Russia-Trump mess because “When a special prosecutor gets involved, the thing gets completely out of control.” (Yeah, like with Bridgegate?)

Next up, Christie switches gears to address Republicans who are fearful of doing town halls (because a PBS-loving 7-year-old might bring down the house). This was something that Gabby Giffords said the GOP needs to cope with and do their jobs, rather than hide. Christie says something similar at first — “Right now, the heat is on the Republicans” — and he encourages them to meet with their constituents. Of course, he also tossed in a “paid protesters” jab as an example of what he believes the GOP must overcome.

Well, Christie is clearly in Trump’s favor right now, which tosses a wrench in those rumors that he might seek sports radio stardom by replacing Mike Francesa in WFAN in New York City.