Congress Warns Trump Against Deleting His Typo-Ridden Tweets Now That He’s President

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Donald Trump isn’t known for deleting tweets for their content, but he’s grown notorious for doing so when a typo is involved. And all of this was fine before he became president, but now, he might be violating federal law when doing so. The House Oversight Committee (HOC) sent a letter to the White House as a warning that Trump’s deleting of tweets may violate the Presidential Records Act.

Trump’s typos would merely be embarrassing on a civilian level, but we’re also talking about a president who created an “unpresidented” snafu:

The correction arrived after screencaps preserved the evidence. Sad!

Trump also misspelled “hereby” twice earlier this month, and the internet noticed.

Tweeting and deleting may seem harmless, but Representatives Jason Chaffetz and Elijah Cumming are hereby hoping that Trump will cool it and explain why in their letter: