Corey Lewandowski Responds To Comey’s Testimony By Questioning His Manhood, Of Course

During his Senate testimony, fired FBI Director James Comey meticulously built a stunning case regarding President Trump’s impropriety during their interactions, which may or may not amount to obstruction of justice when this all shakes out. One person who isn’t impressed, however, is hothead Corey Lewandowski, the former Trump campaign manager who appeared on TODAY to question Comey’s handling of Trump’s overtures. Specifically, Lewandowski slammed Comey for leaking his documents to a friend in the hopes that they’d prompt the appointment of special counsel in the DOJ’s Russia investigation. The plan worked, but Lewandowski questioned why Comey wasn’t “man enough” to hand his own memos to the media:

“….Jim Comey who, mind you, is a career prosecutor, spent five years as the FBI director, was so stunned that he had a one-on-one, private conversation with the POTUS …. he didn’t know how to report this to the attorney general, White House counsel, or the associated attorney general to say, ‘I’m concerned?’ … Look, he gave his notes to a Columbia law professor because he wasn’t man enough to give the notes directly to the media.

A few things. First, Lewandowski always hits below the belt, so his natural reaction is to question the manhood of any adversary. He’s also trying to find his way into the White House after the whole “war room” thing didn’t work out as planned, and Trump — who desires “loyalty” more than anything else — will appreciate this slam on his behalf.

However, Lewandowski has conveniently forgotten that Trump wasn’t even “man enough” to give Comey a heads-up about his own firing. Only after that news broke on cable TV (which caused Comey to believe it was an elaborate joke) did Trump quietly send a bodyguard to deliver a termination letter to FBI headquarters. To draw an overwrought metaphor, this was the functional equivalent of a Post-It breakup note.

Not. Very. Manly.

(Via NBC)