‘The Daily Show’ Challenges Congress To Take A Hint From South Africa To Fight Zika

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For many, the Zika virus is a very real threat to their well being in many parts of South America and the southeastern United States. The causes and cure are not clear at this point, but we know where it has spread, how it can spread, and the true effect it can have on people. New reports point to the virus affecting adult brain cells, with many transmitting the disease without showing any symptoms. There also doesn’t seem to be a dire concern in the halls of Congress to combat the disease, with much needed funding running afoul of congressional red tape and politics.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t concern over Zika and Trevor Noah wants to help calm those fears. His solution actually requests that the US take a look away from itself and focus a bit on the developing nations for an asnwer. He uses his own home in South Africa as the prime example, highlighting the nation’s battle with AIDS and the focus on “protecting their people” above all else as a sort of plea to those folks in Congress. Where the men and women creating legislation here in the United States can’t agree on funding to help battle Zika, the government in South Africa is putting their citizen’s well being in the lead and addressing even the smallest issue. This includes the flavor and comfort of the condoms they hand out to citizens to prevent the spread of the disease.

The most we get here is a congressman holding a container full of mosquitoes to a bunch of fellow congressional members. If only it would break, like Noah suggests, we might actually see something get done in congress.

(Via The Daily Show)