The Unenthused Democratic Response To Trump’s Joint Address Inspired Some Puzzled Reactions

Donald Trump’s first address to Congress was both sunshiney and bleak, but the Democratic rebuttal trended towards the bizarre. Former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear delivered his speech at a Lexington diner while surrounded by disinterested looking patrons, and let’s just say the internet had plenty of jokes. Most of the remarks were ugly, but some of the quips had little to do with politics, which was refreshing in this current climate.

Presumably, the Democrats chose their representative and the rebuttal setting for the down-home feel, which — perhaps, they hope — might reel in those blue-collar voters that went Republican in the election. Beshear paid lip service to fiscal responsibility, jobs, and church, all topics that could have swayed some Independents on the line. Unfortunately, the delivery and atmosphere of this rebuttal scored no points.

Bizarrely, Beshear evoked no enthusiasm, and the diner showed no trace of food, which was hellaciously awkward.

Further Beshear’s fellow “patrons” also exuded very little zest, which doesn’t go far to communicate Democratic revitalization. This should have been the left’s entire goal for the evening. Instead, people were reminded of late-night infomercials for reverse mortgages and the like.

Elsewhere on social media, comparisons between Beshear’s message delivery and promo videos for the Heaven’s Gate cult ran rampant. Most of them looked exactly like this one.

However, one shining spark of light appeared. At least Beshear didn’t need to pause his speech for a refreshment like Marco Rubio did a few years ago. #NeverForget