That Dog Mayor In Minnesota Got Elected To A Third Straight Term This Week

In the current political climate, made densely noxious by the 2016 presidential election and its procession of scandal and name-calling, there is seldom news to report that not only affirms the human spirit but elevates it to new heights. This week, however, a humble Minnesota township of about 1,ooo residents has given us that kind of galvanizing political narrative.

Duke, a noble and impossibly fluffy Great Pyrenees, was reelected today as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota. You might remember that nine-year-old Duke was first bestowed mayoral duties in 2014 by accident – after the 12 votes cast that year were tallied, it was the write-in with the wet nose that clinched the political victory. Since then he’s enjoyed two year-long terms of near universal approval, a feat Hillary or Donald would be hard pressed to achieve. He also has the distinction of being the only canine ever elected mayor in America, a milestone that is simultaneously ridiculous and wholeheartedly inspiring.

According to WDAY 6, the historic reelection was celebrated during the town’s sixth annual Cormorant Daze Festival. The mayor served as the event’s special guest, sporting a patriotic blue handkerchief and a stately top hat, likely a tongue-in-cheek nod to the headwear’s presidential history. He at least looked better than Carmelo Anthony.

Duke has yet to announce a formal presidential endorsement.

(Via Mashable)

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