Donald Trump Won’t Stand For Claims That He Wooed The ‘So Average’ Megyn Kelly

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Burlington, VT
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Fox News’ Megyn Kelly recently spoke with Vanity Fair about her ongoing feud with Donald Trump. The anchor claimed Trump tried to “woo” her before embarking upon his presidential campaign, and he was insulted when she didn’t fall for his moves. The first GOP debate saw Trump and Kelly exchange verbal blows (some would say “threats” on his behalf) when she brought up his disparaging comments about women. Trump reacted for weeks by trolling Kelly on Twitter. He called her an “idiot” and “not very good or professional” before firing off “bimbo” remarks.

If Trump did try to woo Kelly, he seemed upset about not getting his way. Why else would he make distasteful comments about her period? Well, maybe he simply can’t handle bodily functions from women. Kelly ignored Trump, and he hibernated, but he came back on Monday with a vengeance. Trump either just caught wind of Kelly’s “wooing” interview, or he stewed about it for a week before unloading. Here’s the latest tweet of fury:

Trump doesn’t really deny hitting on Kelly. He simply says she’s “so average in every way,” so no one would desire her. In response, Twitter’s telling Trump he’s “so high school” and “disgusting.”

All of this could come to a head when Kelly moderates the January 28 debate on Fox News. Stay tuned for more political fireworks.

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