The Daily Show Proves Donald Trump Quotes Can Double As Rap Lyrics

Donald Trump likes to diss his opponents and emasculate them as much as the next rapper, so The Daily Show takes the next step and evolves the presidential candidate’s quotes into hard-hitting rap lyrics. It’s a match made in heaven, depending on who you ask.

Trump has been accused of being a misogynistic, bombastic, blowhard with a gaudy taste in just about everything. Some rappers have been accused of the same thing. There’s no denying his life is like a mid-90’s rap video, with plenty of gold and models surrounding him while he declares himself the man. He likes to show off how much money he has, and talks about his awesome power usually while standing near a crew of hype-men.

While that’s certainly a generalization of both Trump and any rapper who is now associated with Trump, you can’t deny these quotes/lyrics full of bravado and decadence.

“I have a lot of money.”

“Careful lyin’ Ted I’ll spill the beans on your woman.”

“Fingers long and beautiful, look at these hands.”

After months of overexposure in the media, this is probably the realest look at Donald Trump in a long time. Possibly ever. And it may be impossible for Trump to ever shake his rap lyrics, so he should just embrace them, and make this his official campaign song.

It’s way better than the “Official Donald Trump Jam” by the Freedom Girls.

(Via The Daily Show)