Jimmy Kimmel Gets Serious By Inviting Trump Supporters To Debate A DACA Family Face-To-Face

While most tuned into Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday to catch the host’s interview with Stormy Daniels— the porn star who allegedly had a sexual encounter with a married Donald Trump in 2006– there was a very serious and interesting segment that aired near the start of the show focusing on DACA. Jumping off from the president’s State of the Union address, Kimmel wanted to highlight the next big fight on Capitol Hill.

So to highlight where people stand and to try to bring opposing sides together, Kimmel invites “die-hard” Americans who do not support DACA to sit down face-to-face with a family that would be deported if the policy is ended by Congress. His reason behind the meeting is to highlight the reality of the situation and give a face to the “bargaining chip” he says is being used by the president for his wall.

The segment doesn’t aim to provide a solution to the issue and a few viewings aren’t enough to make a solid decision, but it is a strong and unexpected segment that raises the right questions in the middle of what turns out to be some ridiculous television. It’s different than Kimmel’s monologues for healthcare but still seems to come from the same place. He admits that he doesn’t think he made any progress with the discussion, but it is still an interesting look at each side.

The highlight might be the moment when one of the MAGA supporters calls America a “loving, compassionate” country and Kimmel disagrees and says America “has become cruel.” It might get overlooked due to Stormy Daniels, but it’s another powerful segment from Kimmel.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)