Stormy Daniels Casts Doubt On Her Trump ‘Denial’ During Her Wild Appearance On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

A few hours before President Trump delivered his teleprompted State Of The Union address, porn star Stormy Daniels surprised everyone by supposedly issuing a denial letter (via Buzzfeed) regarding her reported sexual encounter with Trump. Given that Stormy appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! following the SOTU, the host wanted to know whether the denial was authentic. He read the letter out loud and performed a cursory signature comparison on multiple documents — including his library of autographed Stormy Daniels photos — and he noted that the “denial” signature looked … different.

Kimmel asked whether or not Daniels was the source of the denial and if she signed it, and she simply responded, “I don’t know … did I?” She then admitted, “It doesn’t look like my signature.” From there, Daniels made a few jokes about wanting to lose her dinner while thinking of getting frisky with the commander-in-chief, which led Kimmel to futilely question her before concluding that she’d signed a nondisclosure agreement.

Below, Kimmel took things to PG-13 heights when he showed Stormy three carrots and asked her to “pick one,” and her response was pretty darn coy.

Poor Kimmel. He tried so hard to move past the NDA and couldn’t get there. In this send-off clip, Kimmel asked Stormy whether she’s slept with anyone whose name vaguely resembles “Lonald Lump.” Again, she didn’t willingly give the answer up, but her response is a telling one.