John Oliver Takes CBS To Task For Its International Women’s Day Coverage After The Charlie Rose Allegations

Last Thursday was International Women’s Day, so to commemorate the event, brands as varied as Mattel, Spotify, and McDonald’s offered various promotions to endear them to their customers. Whether or not these public relations moves will work out positively in the end remains to be seen, but when combined with several coverage blunders perpetrated by various local and national media outlets on Thursday, Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver contends most are more problematic than not. This is especially the case for the now Charlie Rose-less CBS This Morning, which featured a rather creepy exchange following a segment.

While transitioning from discussing research on dog behavior to a bit on International Women’s Day, John Dickerson — who replaced Rose following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct — and co-host Norah O’Donnell engaged in a flurry of seemingly flirtatious baby talk. “Come here you little sweetie pie, don’t you look cute,” O’Donnell said to Dickerson, who replied, “Oh my God, I just wanna be in your lap.” Whether or not the moment was actually flirty, Oliver argues its placement before a segment on International Women’s Day remains problematic. What’s more, fellow co-host Gayle King was evidently uncomfortable with the exchange. “You know you two are not alone,” she said. “There’s people in the room.”

Aside from major brands and national outlets, Oliver also targeted the likes of former Fox & Friends co-host Mike Jerrick, who currently co-anchors Good Day Philadelphia on the city’s FOX affiliate station. “We don’t have time to show you everything he did,” the comedian explains before running a montage of Jerrick’s greatest hits. “This is just a sample of what he got up to on Thursday.” Chief among the bits included in the clip is a moment in which the anchor asks his two female co-hosts, “What’s the deal? Why do you need your own day?”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)