Katrina Pierson Is Back To Her Old Confusing Tricks While Pushing The Healthcare Bill On Fox News

Former Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson is back. She didn’t land a White House gig and has instead been working for a pro-Trump Super PAC, but someone (Trump? Her current employer?) saw fit to ship her out on the subject of the GOP healthcare bill — which could cause 22 million to lose insurance over the course of a decade — and to target one of the legislation’s Republican opponents, Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV), possibly because her Super PAC has been targeting Heller with attack ads.

Naturally, Pierson didn’t make a lick of sense here, which may have been the point. She’s the ultimate distractor, but Fox News’ Neil Cavuto was having none of it. He was exasperated at how Pierson singled out Heller for career destruction when at least five other GOP senators are committed to opposing the bill. Here’s what happened while Pierson argued that Heller must go because he won’t acquiesce to supporting a “process bill” that she feels all Republicans should support while trusting that it shall change:

“Obamacare is gone, one way or the other. Republicans did not have a plan to put up at the very beginning, there is a plan now. This is a vote to move the process forward, this is not the actual plan that’s going to be in place, they’re making revisions as we speak.”

Naturally, Cavuto — even as a Fox News host — let Pierson have it:

“Alright. but how can you do that under the threat of ‘we’re gonna primary you if you don’t go along with what we say’? That sounds like a bad Tony Soprano episode. You won’t have accountability for all these others and you don’t. You have accountability for him because he’s the most vulnerable. That’s not fair, that’s not right, and you know it. It looks like you’re picking and choosing who you wanna screw here, and it looks like this guy is fair game!”

Well, this isn’t exactly the good old days when Pierson caused Jake Tapper to tell her she was making sh*t up, and Megyn Kelly called out her spin. Both of those instances were entertaining, but here, Pierson has provoked the ire of Neil Cavuto, a staunch conservative, who isn’t about to let her get away with her games. Sort of like how Fox News host Chris Wallace stomped all over Trump’s attorney for the same shtick. It’s a notable pushback from a network that’s largely been seated on Team Trump from the beginning.

(Via Fox News)