An Unimpressed Kellyanne Conway Trashes The Emmys As A ‘Three-Hour Celebrity Political Rally’

So, Sunday night’s Emmys ceremony got more than a little political, which honestly, wasn’t a surprise, given that awards shows have followed this trend since the inception of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Further, some actors won for portraying central political figures, so the subject couldn’t very well be ignored, so — also as expected — Kellyanne Conway visited Fox and Friends on Monday morning to trash the proceedings. And after summarizing the affair as a “three-hour celebrity political rally,” Conway generalized the group while also making things personal.

“It’s the sameness,” Conway complained. “They got plucked and polished and waxed and some of them didn’t eat for two months. And all for what? To sound the same?” She conceded, “They have a right to speak,” but Conway believes that awards shows should stick to handing out awards, period. In the most politically heated atmosphere of contemporary America, she believes everything is far too political:

“Between the Emmys, the Miss America Pageant was very politicized, our sports have become very politicized — and it looks like the ratings are suffering. It looks like America is responding by tuning out because they want you to stick to your knitting, they wants you to, in this case, read the stuff other people write for you — and so welcome to their opinion, but how does it really fit?”

Many people will agree with Conway in that entertainment’s take on politics has grown tired, especially after the South Park duo has run out of things to say. However, Conway’s “stick to your knitting” verbiage is also tired and fails to make a point without resorting to insults. Both sides are so exhausting.

(Via Fox News)

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