The Famously Undecided Ken Bone’s Post-Election Tweets Provide A Strong Hint Of Who He Voted For

As a divided nation continues to hash out Tuesday’s election results, Ken Bone is offering some reassurance to worried Americans. The infamous undecided voter, who did end up casting his ballot, reminded everyone that the nation will not change — for better or worse — overnight.

It’s been a contentious many months filled with inflammatory rhetoric and the type of race that has never been seen before. Many have reacted with panic over Donald Trump becoming the next president of the United States, but there are others that are finding a silver lining. Some have found humor to help cut the tension, and others are looking to reassure those that have become fearful for the future of the country. One of those voices is Ken Bone, who — while hinting that he voted for Hillary Clinton — reassured the American public there is light at the end of tunnel:

“Everyone please remember that presidents are not kings. The nation is not going to change in a flash. We the people are still in charge.”

Bone is sure milking his 15 minutes of fame, as he has parlayed his debate night question into some endorsement deals. But while others may have used this situation as a platform to improve their brand, Bone appears to be looking out for the country. He may not be an elected official, but Bone is helping to ease the country’s anxiety at the moment.

(Via Ken Bone’s Twitter)