A National Parks Twitter Account Broke Trump’s New Rule And Tweeted Out Climate Change Facts

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In one of his many executive orders signed since being inaugurated on Friday afternoon, Donald Trump (and his administration) decided that the EPA could no longer release information to the public and the National Parks could no longer tweet. The latter decision most likely stemmed from the main National Park Service account trolling Trump by retweeting crowd size comparisons between Trump’s inauguration crowd and Obama’s inauguration crowd. Apparently insulted by not being as popular as previous presidents, the Commander In Chief took the trolling to heart and banned any of the NPS accounts from using any social media platforms.

Well, the official Badlands National Park account was not about to take that directive lying down.

Later in the day on Tuesday, whoever was running the Badlands account responded to the Trump administration’s dismissal of environmental science and climate change by tweeting out some cold hard facts for everybody to see.

The tweets have since been deleted, which does not bode well for the new government’s appreciation of (or willingness to believe in) climate change. Whoever put their job at risk by posting this information clearly wanted to prove that scientific facts should not be silenced, no matter the reasoning.

National Parks are some of the country’s most beautiful and rewarding places to visit, and each Twitter account shares amazing facts, vistas, and visiting details for potential travelers. Not having that resource out there would be a shame for any nature lovers who are looking to explore some of the United States’ best parks.