Stunning Photos Of Our National Parks From The Man Who Wrote The Book On Them

08.30.16 3 years ago

Though it’s easy to forget in our current political climate, America is a pretty incredible place. We’re far from perfect and there’s a ton to satirically poke fun at, but the headlines don’t necessarily touch on the America I’m talking about. I’m talking about the physical, tangible, explore-able America. The one you can go outside and feel. The one Heat-Moon wrote about and Adams photographed. The one O’Keeffe painted and Roosevelt preserved. I’m talking about the wild America we all love — hiding in plain sight because we all too easily forget that it exists.

During last week’s National Parks Centennial (#NPS100), we encouraged people to turn off their phones, lay off the Pokémon hunting, and drive to their nearest National Park. We urged them to explore for exploration’s sake. James Kaiser agrees with that sentiment and if you need some help getting excited, he’s your man. He’s been writing guide books of the National Parks for more than a decade and has extensively covered Yosemite, Acadia, The Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree (as well as Costa Rica) in a way that’s relatable, exciting, and loaded with gorgeous photography. His guide books dive deep and showcase little known facts — just the kind of encouragement we all need.

James was kind enough to hop on the phone and talk to us about what makes our parks so great and why we should keep the NPS #100 party going this Labor Day weekend.

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