NYPD Officer Involved In The Arrest Of US Postal Employee Has Been Stripped Of His Badge And Gun

Many were shocked by video showing four NYPD officers arrested a Brooklyn postal worker while he was attempting to deliver a package. The incident stems from the USPS employee, Glenn Grays, reportedly yelling at the officers after they almost struck him in his postal truck. The arrest was caught on camera, something that Grays felt was his saving grace according to DNAInfo:

“The only thing that I think saved me was that it was on videotape,” mailman Glenn Grays, 27, told “CBS This Morning” on Monday. “I was extremely terrified. I was afraid if I didn’t comply, something was going to happen to me.”

Now, following the public cries for punishment and public statements from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Police Commissioner William Bratton, the lieutenant in charge of the incident in the video has been removed from the street and placed on desk duty.

Lt. Luis Machado and officers Lazo Lluka, Miguel Rodriguez and David Savella were grilled by NYPD investigators…The four are set to be harshly disciplined, sources say, and Machado in particular for allowing a minor verbal clash to escalate into a troublesome arrest.

Sources familiar with the probe believe Machado, a former Marine who saw combat in Iraq, will take the heaviest hit because “the supervisor is the one who should dictate the situation,” a well-placed source explained.

Machado was also stripped of his badge and gun stemming from the incident.

Grays — despite his fears and the conduct shown in the video — is adamant that he doesn’t want the officers to lose their jobs because “they might have family, kids they need to support.” Whatever happens next is in the hands of the NYPD.

(Via Death And Taxes / DNA Info)