Richard Dreyfuss Took A Hilarious Shot At Dick Cheney In This Interview For ‘Madoff’

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In the ABC miniseries Madoff, actor Richard Dreyfuss of Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind fame plays the titular financier who fraudulently collected billions of dollars in one of the largest Ponzi schemes ever pulled off. To promote the television miniseries, Dreyfuss stopped by Good Morning America on Wednesday and used his five minutes to insult former vice president and YouTube sensation Dick Cheney.

“Hold on,” you’re probably thinking. “What the hell does a former politician have to do with a former financial investor-turned-convict?”

Well, it depends on how you frame the question. Cheney will definitely come up if it’s anything like what GMA correspondent Amy Robach asked Dreyfuss, which was, “What was it like playing arguably the most despicable man in modern history?” That’s because Dreyfuss played former President George W. Bush’s right-hand man in the 2008 Oliver Stone film, W.

“Actually, he’s the second most despicable man, because I’ve already played Dick Cheney,” Dreyfuss quipped.

The actor obviously knew what kind of reaction he was going for, because he purposefully paused while Robach and the GMA crew broke out into barely-contained laughter. “So, he was the second [most despicable person],” Dreyfuss smiled, “and I loved playing them both.”

The imprisoned Madoff’s story is so hot that HBO is also working on its own project with Robert De Niro. However, Dreyfuss’ take on the real-life character will be the first one out the gate when it airs Wednesday night.

(Via Good Morning America)