Masked Anarchists Are Roaming Around The RNC With Backpacks Full Of Urine

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The Republican National Convention has had its fair share of peculiar speeches and disruptions, and the week is only halfway over. Far from the convention floors that appear on television, rallies are unfolding with an eclectic array of attendees.

A number of these groups have positioned themselves around Public Square, which is only is a few blocks from the convention and comes equipped with a stage. Religious fundamentalist, “open carry” supporters, and far-left liberals have spent some time in the area. The gathering showcases how this year’s convention has created an epicenter of differing ideologies and groups.

The atmosphere is a sight to behold, but police are watching a group of anarchists who could unleash mayhem at any moment. One officer told the Washington Post how they appear ready to pounce. One way the anarchist groups are looking to throw a wrench into the festivities is to douse the crowd with urine. Officers said they stopped one man and found three bags of urine in his backpack. Yes, anarchists who are hell-bent on bringing down society are using pee as their main source of wreaking havoc.

This is a peculiar way to cause chaos, but the RNC has had a rash of sickness, so maybe their plan isn’t too far-fetched. No one knows how they would distribute the urine, since the ideal distribution method has been banned from the festivities. Water balloons, or should I say urine balloons, are not out of the question.

(Via the Washington Post)