Report: Mitt Romney Will Meet With Trump This Weekend To Discuss A Possible Cabinet Position

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On Thursday, multiple outlets reported Donald Trump will meet with Mitt Romney this weekend. According to CNN, the two will discuss “governing moving forward” and a possible cabinet position for Romney. The report comes as a slight surprise, since Romney was a vocal critic of Trump throughout his campaign. However, Trump could use all of the D.C.-insider help he can get.

This week, Trump has met with a number of different officials, including Henry Kissinger, at Trump Tower. In addition, President Obama reportedly offered his guidance while noting that Trump seemed a little shocked at the scope of White House responsibilities. And with his transition team a bit behind, he will be doing some cramming.

It looks like Romney may offer some advice as well. Romney, who Trump supported in the 2012 election, did not have the highest opinion of the real estate mogul during the election season, even going so far as to call him a “fraud.” Trump fired back by calling Romney a failure, but egos may have been put aside, as Trump has also met with other former GOP opponents in an attempt at party unity.

Also, this Romney meeting may not just be to hash out differences, as the two may discuss a Secretary of State appointment for the former Massachusetts governor. Rumors about Trump’s cabinet appointments are just those at the moment, as he has not announced too many concrete plans for his administration yet.

(Via CNN & CNBC)