Few Things Are Sadder Than Watching Ted Cruz Leave Voicemails To Ask People To Choose Trump

Ted Cruz shook up the election season when he surprisingly endorsed Donald Trump for president. Considering how bitter these two behaved towards each other, that must have been a difficult thing to do. Now, the anguish of having to back your former rival is encompassed in a video of Cruz cold-calling voters to support Trump.

During the primary season, Cruz and Trump seemed to be bitter enemies. While Trump was hurling insults at Cruz’s wife and his father, the junior Texas senator waited for his time to pounce. That comeback came in the form of Cruz’s passive-aggressive speech at the Republican National Convention, where he told the GOP mass to “vote your conscience.” Cruz seemed to get the last laugh, but all the good he would have garnered for not selling his soul to Trump was extinguished when he did sell his soul to Trump.

Only Cruz really knows why he changed trajectories other than a rejection of Hillary Clinton. Perhaps he was promised a cushy cabinet position or saw the writing on the wall and knew hitching his wagon to the Trump train would ensure his reelection. But Trump hasn’t seemed to forget about the RNC speech, for he has relegated Cruz to phone calling duties.

Dallas News photojournalist G.J. McCarthy captured Cruz calling from the Fort Worth, Texas Republican headquarters while asking residents for their votes. Cruz does not mention Trump in his message, but says this election is critical to the GOP. How the video footage is positioned amplifies Cruz’s current position.

That is a look of a defeated man, who knows he may have made a huge mistake. And the irony of the cavalcade of Trump and Pence posters hanging above his head is not lost. Making the scene all the more depressing is how he had to leave a voicemail. Ted Cruz, once thought to be the golden boy of the GOP, is now relegated to positions held by college interns.

(Via G.J. McCarthy Twitter & Mediaite)

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