Sarah Sanders Dodges Repeated Questions About Whether Or Not Trump Will Benefit From The Tax Bill

The morning after President Trump and his Republican allies from the United States House and Senate lauded themselves for passing their controversial tax bill, Sarah Sanders went on Fox News to trumpet the new legislation. Instead of receiving a warm welcome, however, the White House press secretary found herself dodging anchor Bill Hemmer’s repeated questions about whether or not Trump will personally benefit from the tax cuts. The issue came about as a result of criticisms made by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York), whom Hemmer suggested was “implying” Trump would benefit from the tax plan.

“What’s more important here is Americans are benefiting, especially middle-class Americans. Hard-working Americans are going to see a lot more of their paycheck,” Sanders began with her spin. However, Hemmer quickly butted in to ask his Schumer-derived question point-blank. “That wasn’t the point he was making,” the Fox News anchor said. Sanders’ response?

“The bottom line is, a lot of people are going to do really well under this. The president’s an American. This was a tax plan that was meant to benefit all Americans. The biggest priority was placed on middle-class Americans. It does exactly that. We are going to see a huge boost. You saw company after company after company yesterday come out and immediately start giving bonuses to their workers all across this country. Even MSNBC reporters are getting a bonus, as this tax cut has happened, as a result of that. If that doesn’t help them see the light, nothing will.”

Regarding her quip about MSNBC, Sanders isn’t lying. Soon after the House and Senate passed their versions of the tax bill, MSNBC’s parent company Comcast announced it would be gifting thousands of employees with bonuses worth $1,000. (Meanwhile, the company is also raising its prices on various services yet again — possibly due to the net neutrality repeal.) Even so, the press secretary refused to address Hemmer’s question forthright, opting instead to lump him in with “all Americans” who will be receiving a tax cut. She also, unsurprisingly, was quick to try and throw more jabs at Schumer before her time was up.